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Re: Can JAMES-KY ever figure it out...?

Originally Posted by jameskg View Post
Freezer, it seems like you are unhappy being at TTD.
How'd you come to that conclusion, jelly boy? Just because you became a petty martinet at a music trading site, your 10 cent badge didn't make you omnipotent.

You became a petty martinet because that's what's within you, the 10 cent badge just made it worse.

And just because I pointed out the hypocracy that you wanna hide behind, doesn't make me unhappy. It made YOU unhappy. Consider that, instead.

You really don't like anyone to have an opposing viewpoint, and you like it even less when it's logically presented and someone else agrees, huh, Jimmy?

Maybe if and when you convince the site admins to change the name of the place to JAMES-KY'S Torrent Den, you'll feel a lot better about yourself.

I doubt it, as I suspect your problems are far deeper rooted within your own ego than anyone should delve into at a music trading site. Good luck with that. Spiritual counseling might help you, if you can't afford psychotherapy; please consider it.

I suppose I'd be happier if you stoped being a hypocrite, Pee Wee, but then again, that probably applies to everyone you come in contact with.

Now, let's talk about music trading, as this is supposed to be the main reason for this site's existence:

Was I supposed to report every trade I make to you, so you can keep track of my activities? Personally, I think that my snail mail trades are none of your motherfucking business? What do you think, Jimmy?

You wanna be nosy, OK, let's compare notes, then, OK?

How many shows did you snatch in 2010, jelly boy?

I made a few trades here, and one was for a 50 disc spindle, and bluzman and I swapped around 20 discs. and that's only 2 of the trades I made based at TTD in 2010.

Was I supposed to report any of this to you? Is it any of your business anyway?

What about you, James-ky? Have you gone over 100 shows collected through this site in 2010?

Why would adding that many shows to my collection make me unhappy? Seems like it's making YOU unhappy, James-KY.

And the other staff members I communicated with today are perfectly fine with me, chuckles. In fact, they're very much folks I consider friends.

You feel the need to read my private mesage, Jimmy? I don't think they're any of your goddam business, what do you think, James-KY?

If the site owner wishes to read my private messages, she is more than welcome, in fact, most of what she'd see is me wishing folks a wonderful and blessed holiday, which I also wish for her and her family.... and I have no problem in saying so publicly. I think she's terrific, especially for putting up with the crap she endures, and for taking the risk running this site.

You ever tell her that you appreciate her efforts, -- without being prodded or shamed into doing that much, Jimmy?

You -- on the other hand............. "sigh" God bless you too, somebody's got to like you, somewhere.

Have a great holiday, Jim... stop being a twat for a few days and see if you don't feel better about yourself.
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I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

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You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know shit!