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Bad Data from Tracker - Again

I have been fighting this all day, and a search of the Technobabble archive hasn't shed a lot of light on the problem either.......

I have uploaded a torrent at

Six folks (used to be seven or eight until a couple of them got fed up and left I'm sure) were connected at last check, and I am not one of them. My ABC client shows I am seeding, but reports a "Bad data from tracker - bad encoded data" and the connection status color is gray (cannot connect to server). My other connections/torrents have been behaving OK so far as I can tell, and someone did connect to my Kinks1977-02-19 folder and got half-way through the upload before something happened on their end I believe.

So, I am stumped. I've started and stopped the client, rebooted WinXP, and also powered down my DSL modem and brought everything back up and still, the error persists.

Any ideas? I'v noted in the archive most of the problems either went away or I never saw how the problem was fixed. This has been a day long problem.


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