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Re: foobar2000 live show tagger

That's because the text file where Foobar is deriving the tags from is not in the correct format.
Sometimes, on a mulitiple disc show, all discs will be tagged as disc 1, so I just select all tracks from disc 2 - -properties - change disc nr...then do that for disc 3...4.. etc.

In your case though, the text file is not correct. There may be another text file in the dir you can use. Select all tracks - right click - assign text file - browse to text file to use.

If no text files are formatted correctly, you either format the text file or just tag it manually.

Live show tagger is great but you need to watch out that the assignments on the left match the ones on the right. Sometimes the ordering can be different. Also, sometimes there will be a different of files to what is listed in the track list, ie some tracks are combined or split, caught me out a few times.

LST is worth using though, as long as you spend a few seconds checking it is ok before tagging. If I tage a load of shows in one sitting I like to enqueue them all in foobar at the end then play a load of random tracks to make sure they are tagged correctly.
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