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Re: Acquiring raw files via FTP or file sharing?

Thanks for the input everyone.

I'm trying to make it easy on the taper because he doesn't really care for the band and is just doing it as a favor to me, and eventually others.

I may ask him about creating a torrent but I'm not sure what torrent app he uses. He also may not be into it. He said that he prefers an ftp.

Also, saltman is there any particular ftp you recommend. I don't have too much problems downloading from ftp but whenever I have tried to upload to an ftp it says I don't have permission or something like that. Is there one where we could both get access easily?

I wasn't able to find a filesharing site like yousendit that will do that large of file unless you pay. I'm sure I won't be using it often so I was hoping for a free one, or at least a free trial. Does anyone know about that?
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