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All you have to do is download a bittorrent client (program), like Bittornado 3.18 [ ] or Azureus [ ] Install it, then go to the thread for the show you want. Make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive for the show. For that 82 VH show, you need at least 8 GB free. Download the .torrent file from the thread that is in the first post to your desktop (or wherever you want), then double left click the .torrent file. Bittornado or Azureus will activate, and ask where you want to save. Save on a drive with enough free space (8 GB). Then your download/upload will start. It usually takes a few days to finish and upload the same amount you have downloaded. That's the basics of BT. If you have any more questions, post back here and/or read the FAQs. Good luck!
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