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Re: foobar2000 live show tagger

Originally Posted by Still Learning View Post
For some reason I cannot get the Live Show Tagger it to work. I'll select a show, click Live Show Tagger, it will pop up and show "all tracks match", but when I click "update files" it tags all the titles with the first named title in the data setlist.

I have been going into each track properties and updating the title manually…..but that cant be right. Been scratching my head now for over a day trying to figure this out

Thanks for any suggestions anyone can offer. I'm using foobar2000 v0.9.5.3 Windows XP Home.

It has to do with the numbering of the tracks. If you look on the left side of the Live show Tagger screen all the tracks will be labeled #1. Highlight all the tracks, right click, than hit properties. In properties hit tools in the lower left corner, than click Auto Track Number, then hit Apply and then OK. After that you should you should see all the tracks numbered in the proper order on the left side of the screen and it should work properly.
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