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Re: Reformatting back to flac

The accepted rule is that DVD+R are likely to have a longer readable life than DVD-R and Taiyo Yuden are generally considered to be the premium manufacturers. The actual brand of blanks (Verbatim, Sony, Craptasto etc) is no indicator of the manufacturer...use something like Nero, Toast or whatever program for your platform can read the manufacturer's info and only buy media recommended somewhere like VideoHelp. The unpleasant truth is that all currently available archival media, be they DVD+R blanks, multiple hard drives, whatever, are not 100% reliable. Work out what volume of back up you're likely to need in the next couple of years or so and decide whether it's more economical to invest in further external hard drives or quality DVD blanks. When all's said and done, the best back up is all the other people who've downloaded the same shows as you. As long as at least one person's copy survives then audio history is assured
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