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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by Spelunker View Post
Audio watermark:

Because I've been ripped off many times in the past by so-called progressive rock restoration groups, and because sales of my mixes have been reported in such far-flung and exotic locations as Atlanta and Japan, you will find an "audio watermark" in this recording.

This watermark will definitively identify this version of this recording as having been mixed by me. Others who want to use this mix will have to deal with it. They should, after all, go to the original tape and not use my work as the foundation for theirs. The watermark is designed to be difficult to remove. I feel this is a small price for downloaders to pay for two hours of total Yes music enjoyment. It only occurs once and then it's over.
I don't understand.
How is he getting ripped off? If he does find that someone is selling a mix, he mixed, because of the watermark, what can he do about it? Take them to court because he has proof he owns the recording? The only thing that makes sense to me is he wants some kind of adulation for what he has done.
Spe, for once you and I agree, but step back and look at the entire picture --- - - - this is also most definitely about 'someone' being unable to get what he wanted "ON DEMAND" immediately. Then freaking out over it.

That's why it's all a big fucking joke to me.

The recording that Tooleman put the watermark on is in circulation already anyway. Has been for years.

The easiest thing to do was just ignore this "Tooleman" version altogether and just take a deep breath and and wait five minutes until you can get an unblemished version without the marking.

It was just that easy....... this is all "much ado about nothing" -- right?

Step back and think about this.......... Within 5 years there'll be 52 competing versions available anyway.

It ain't gonna change the price of rice in China so who cares?
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