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Re: Can 'audio watermarks' be banned...?

Originally Posted by AAR.oner View Post
if you have the time to download every torrent posted, check every millisecond of every recording for what is deemed an inferior quality, and can figure out who every troublemaker is of the 80,000 members on this board -- by all means, i vote weedwacker to be head BT mod!

truth is we do have the highest standards of any of the major live recording torrent sites [i'd say bt.etree is on par as well, but with far less diversity/number of torrents]...unfortunately, there is a degree of simple trust that must be made, especially when it comes to things like lineage which have no "litmus test" as compared to audio analysis for lossless/lossy-ness

for everyone here -- lets keep in mind these are merely concert recordings and have absolutely no effect on quality of life...the fact that some collectors and tapers take this so seriously is laughable...just enjoy the hobby & realize that this ain't all that important in the grand scheme of things
Amen to all of this. And I think weedwacker would make a great mod. I'd welcome him, especially if he's willing to download and listen to all the torrents to check for stuff like this.