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Kung Poo
Re: do remasters fit with the site's mission statement?

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And some titles are just copies of older boots with a new set of problems and issues tacked on.
That is so true.
And some of these "remasters" are actually re-works of the newer boots with the newer problems tacked on.
i can think of one in particular where the guy responsible for the "remaster" says in his notes that "there is some digital noise on track 5 that appears to have been added during the transfer from analog to digital, it could not have been present on the analog master reel because it is a uniquely digital type of noise"....
why circulate a remaster of a silver CD that has been shown to have digital errors on it?? the community should have worked to suppress the version with digital errors and get the source back into circulation, rather than a re-work of the error-ridden CD with a new improved EQ setting.
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