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Re: Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%

OK guys, I really appreciate the help, but please do bear with me - -;

I did download Azureus, but am not ready to switch over in mid-stream - - I have enough things screwed up as it is (I think) - I think I followed the gist of Lynn's comment's though on the download folder; I had moved the torrent file to the folder where the files were, and not the default download folder (actually, throughout trying to solve the mess yesterday I had it in both places and neither one seeemed to make a difference, but for now, it is back in the place I created the torrrent file in).

On Paul's comment about the port settings, I'm absolutely in a fog as to how to set the ports so that "you want ALL (public) ports available to your one internal port (59877)."

For now, I have re-downloaded the torrent, moved it back to the original folder where it was created, and let's see if that makes any difference.

Sorry to be so dense. I will get it one of these days............

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