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Re: Upload Stuck - 18 Connections Waiting @38%

First off, I'm not a PC person (I'm a Mac person), but it sounds to me like your firewall software is blocking your bittorrent activity. When you torrent, the first thing that happens is your client contacts our tracker. Then, the tracker helps you connect to other peers. I think once you are connected to other peers, the other peers clients help connect you to others. All seems fine for you at that point. But, every so often (usually about 40 minutes), your client makes contact back with our tracker in order to update your stats. It sounds like that is when the problem is occurring cuz our tracker also sends back some info (updated seeds/leechers info). I think you need to tell your firewall that it needs to allow incoming and outgoing connections from your bittorrent client.

edit: It looks like Paul beat me to it and said it in a much more concise manner.
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