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video compression

It has come to my attention that most people forget at least one thing when seeding dvds... the mpeg compression software. you might not think it's important but it is completely since every one uses a different algorythm to compress the videos.

Just like there are several encoders for mp3 material and the best one still is lame encoder, there are several mpeg video ones, the best software one being Cinema Craft Encoder, which is, unfortunately, a bit expensive.

A lot of people use dvdshrink and co, which is a REALLY big mistake, since that software does not encode the video, but transcodes it, which means it won't matter what the frame displays, it will encode it to fit it's specified bitrate, even if the quality is bad at the end. REAL encoders analyzes the pictures and encode properly. how can that be ? just look ... use dvdshrink and 'encode' a video en 1hour, do the same using a real encoding software, it'll be at least 4 hours.

so, this is just a plea to people transfering shows ... PLEASE ... specify which encoders and settings you used.

should anyone need any tutorial to try to use better quality software, go to the most known site about all that ...
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