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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by peaktime View Post
the best things in life are free. remember?
that excludes teh interwebs

Originally Posted by peaktime View Post
Why bother at this point?
The problem here is that you are comparing something that must be acquired via a commercial transaction with something that is freely traded or given away for free.
why bother, indeed? you feel entitled to do whatever you want because it's the internet.
don't worry, you're not the first
(and it might be considered free in terms of money exchanging hands, but it's not free in terms of other peoples effort and time)

Originally Posted by peaktime View Post
No, I'm not aware that a crap ratio is always the downloader's responsibility, guess you haven't been keeping up with the discussion. You keep wanting to justify your unwavering "1:1 or you're a thief" viewpoint, while refusing to even acknowledge that viewpoints other than your own even exist.
I fully acknowledge other viewpoints exist, but I specifically disagree with yours.

Originally Posted by peaktime View Post
Isn't it possible that there are users with very fast upload speeds who don't give a shit about others' ratios, and love to contribute to the site with their bandwidth? Imagine that, huh? All they are concerned with is distributing as many copies of the show as possible, and consider themselves fortunate to have their fast connection to be able to help out their fellow fans.
Deflecting attention? Another tactic of someone who knows their position is weak. The seeders aren't the issue - unless you want to be one of those silly wanks who complains that your ratio can't improve because other people seed too much. The issue is people who take more than they give back.

It is nice to see you put a value on what seeders provide, though. Even though it's more rationalizing of your entitled take-what-I-want approach. How about the next person who wants the show? Are you gonna hop on and seed for them? Or are you going to leave it to someone else? We both know the answer to that.

Originally Posted by peaktime View Post
There are always going to be a certain number of people who no matter how slow their connection speed, will always maintain a 1:1 ratio for whatever reason. e.g. it could be personal pride, or it could be not wanting to hear criticism. many DVDs did you d/l over dial up?
so what if you had no internet connection at all? would that mean seeders should send you discs at their expense? (just going with an absurd extension of your logic)

Originally Posted by peaktime View Post
Nothing wrong with vines and B&Ps if you're on dial up, have a small b/w cap, or just can't find certain shows any other way. Why use an old school trading method like snail mail if you don't have to? imo
So you're basically admitting that you're lazy and impatient.

It's OK, we can get through this together.

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I knew that was the wrong answer
such is the nature of Gilligan.
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