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Server Loads - March 30

Or, What the Hell Happened on the Den Yesterday?

It seems that while I was driving home from U2's first night performance and a couple hundred miles away from my computer, the first night of U2's tour was posted on the Den (Thank You, Chris!). From what I understand, within four hours, the leechers on the torrent were up to nearly 1000. And, the Den started to crawl and the other sites on our server came to a halt also and our host had to bring down the site.

Anyway, I phoned the host, he brought the site back up, but it quickly got overloaded with users again and he brought it down again. I got home and immediately hooked up with Jeff and we brought it back up and I had to limit the sessions. I've been playing around with that all night. I'm not sure what is making the server load spike, but when it is spiking way to high, I have to limit the server load again or the host will take it down again. I also limited searches from one every 30 seconds to one every 90 seconds. Again, sorry about this, but I need to do something to allow more users on, but less load on the server.

I am working with the host to figure out what to do here. If you can't get on for a few minutes, it's because the sessions are limited and I'm worried the server will get overloaded. I don't know if we will have to go to a dedicated server (at twice the hosting cost) or if we can figure something else out. I also don't know if this increase in traffic is temporary or not.

I'm sorry about this to all you non-U2 fans.

But, to all you U2 fans...... U2 Rocks!!!!!

edit: some quick stats..
Registration: 1025 users yesterday, before yesterday max users was 444

Active Online: 564 users yesterday (before the host brought the site down), 209 max users before yesterday

Unique users per day: 3488 yesterday (and that was with downtime of 8 hours), 2734 before that on a full day

Good job guys!
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