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Thumbs down Re: computer slowdown - fried CPU?

Well, I'm using AVG (free) antivirus, and have been for some time. Also AVG antispyware (free version) and spybot s&d. Over a year with them no problems until this week.
I ran a test - HotCPU tester Pro4 lite - it ran a 6 hour test that maxed out the cpu (it says) and found no problem... Anyone know any test progs that might diagnose my problem? Google lists hundreds of them and I don't know which ones are good vs. ones that just want to sell me useless stuff!
I'm starting to wonder if my soundcard is a problem or something. I might try a different cheapo soundcard or borrow an outboard one to try that way.
Still, the confuser is slow, so maybe it's not the soundcard.
Anyone have a cheap deal on a motherboard they're not using?
Crap this sux!
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