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Unhappy Re: computer slowdown - fried CPU?

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh
press Ctrl*Shift*Esc (task manager)
click CPU column - see if a process is chewing up your CPU.
also check the memory usage of programs.

then select the Performance Tab for a quick graphical view.

to check 3rd party drivers (turn on/off)
Start> Run
type 'msconfig'
you can disable all on the Startup Tab (preload of software components)
- reboot & test drive -
also select Services Tab (check 'hide all Microsoft services)
then disable all 3rd party drivers.
-reboot and test drive-

this process should help you take software/drivers out of the equation.
Nothing's really using up CPU in my task manager - system idle process is usually in the 90% area...

Start>run>msconfig doesn't work. Is that an XP thing? I'm on Win2000pro.

Speedfan says a lot of bad things...
Temp1 144C (whoa!)
Temp2 106C (ouch!)
Temp3 -73C(what?)

I think it's time for a new mother(f^@%er)board, too, maybe. Any other ideas?

I can still play DVD files without any noticeable problems, which is wierd. Flacs and Wavs play with skipping ticks every couple seconds. I would have thought that video takes more resources than just sound.
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