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Re: Happy Birthday TTD: 5 Years!

Happy 5th Bday Traders Den! Kudos to the staff and moderators who continue to love and maintain you.
Props to the perpetual seeders!
'Try a little harder' to those who leech and enjoy more than they share (a great we're tolerant and won't ban you for being greedy mindset here regardless, btw).
Encouragement for more people to dust off, borrow or buy gear to aud/vid (stealth) record their favorite bands and share it.
Respect and gratitude for those who also travel, acquire tickets, and risk being 'popped' by security and stressing during the show!!
Thanks for the time and energy used to capture, sync, edit, author, and share the plethora of great shows going on across the planet.

Here's to years more of trading on Trader's Den!
Freely Traded Never For Profit!
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