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Re: Happy Birthday TTD: 5 Years!

Originally Posted by ebsound View Post
I grew up in Philly in the 70's and 80's. Just wanted to share some memories. I lived in the northeast in the mid 70's and we had a store on one of the main drags that had records i had never seen before. The Beatles stuff was handled by Beatle Bob in the back (Anybody know Beatle Bob?). I got to know Beatle Bob and he hooked me up with some good stuff.

I soon learned that I could take the train in town and there were a few other stores that carried this stuff. I thought it was amazing! 25 mins on the bus, 45 mins on the train, walk the 8 blocks or so to South Street and I could dole out my bucks for whatever prized record they might have in stock. And if you didn't buy it when you saw it, you might never see it again, so the buying decisions were tough! Then I had to hike back to the train and then the bus to get home again. $15 or $20 lighter, maybe $50 for a double, and I would do this over and over, virtually every weekend!

Those were great times but realize that it was an all day thing and there might be nothing available!

Thanks so much for what you do here! Happy fifth!

Now, where can I get a piece of that cake?....
uh....cake is being served in The Lounge. Waldo is cutting up as we speak.

OH yeah...Happy Birthday.
'This ain't employee of the month behavior!!'

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