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Re: Tools to fix wow & flutter from cassette

Originally Posted by direwolf-pgh View Post
ok - good call guys. Ill leave it be. its not that bad & only 2 tracks.
kinda sounds like the band was pushed through a Leslie speaker

Is everything on the cassette that way? It's possible the recording is good.. some times it's a mechanical playback problem. Make sure the little spring with the felt pad under the tape in the head position (middle) is tight and not sliding around. Also, be sure your capstan roller is perfectly round and not being a cam instead of a wheel (and that the capstan itself isn't bent slightly). If that happens, the tape will be lifted up and down during playback. Of course, that could have also happened during recording with the same effect. That would account for an up & down movement.

If it's going to side-to-side, it's effectively adjusting the azimuth in & out during playback.. make sure the tape reels aren't moving in and out in the cassette as it turns and that the tape itself isn't moving back and forth across the head becaus ethe shell isn't guiding it correctly (you may have to remove the door cover to watch it).
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