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Re: Does TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 Re-encode?

Originally Posted by pawel View Post
Read the manual (FAQ): "Does TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 re-encode the video and audio? Video is fully re-encoded. Audio is re-encoded if you change the format or enable the bi-audio option."

In fact it depends on source, in most cases on its GOP structure. Some videos may be changed invisibly, while others noticeably. Check how looks the video at chapter points, and last frames. Anyway, the video stream never matches md5 after compilation and demuxing.

Don't place chapter marks outside beginning of a frame as it cause nasty pixelation.
Slightly mis-leading that as i asked the Pegasys reps about this.The fully is for the full rendering side of the software should it be used,the smart rendering uses the same "output" as their editor which is lossless ..they claim.
The FAQ is somewhat brief and airy on the main point of the program i agree though.

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