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Re: MPEG-2 to DVD Question

it would really help to know the actual specs of the original .mpg files...use GSpot if yer on a PC, MpegStreamclip on a Mac and post the results here

Originally Posted by Dudogger View Post
1) Doesn't converting to LPCM here solve nothing but just consuming more disc space by the resulting video?
correct...its like taking a mp3 and converting it to wav, yer still not gonna get back whats been lost due to the original compression...
Originally Posted by Dudogger View Post
2) Why might the bitrate be so low? And does that suggest a VHS recording in the lineage?
no, it has nothing to do with previous encodings/compression...the DVD has a low bit rate because it was encoded it that should be able to set the bit rate to whatever you want
Originally Posted by Dudogger View Post
3) Can I upload this to TTD once converted to a DVD video format, or has it been potentially modified too much at this point?
depends, really need to know more about the original mpg files before i could give ya a definitive answer
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