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Icon6 Re: MPEG-2 to DVD Question

Originally Posted by pawel View Post
You don't mention what was the audio format of the original files. If it was a DVB (digital broadcast) they should be in MP2. However, if it was recorded in 1998 I believe you files come form a VHS transfer, so the audio was probably in AC3.

It can be a DVB if recorded no earlier than 3-4 years ago as before there was no equipment do it.
The audio format of the original .mpg files is MPEG-1 Layer 2. Also, I certainly know DVB only goes back so far (not to 1998, for sure), which is why I suggested this might be a captured BBC4 rebroadcast from more recent years. At this point, I only have what I have, and would like to convert and present it in the most optimal fashion. So my questions all remain the same:

1) Doesn't converting to LPCM here solve nothing but just consuming more disc space by the resulting video?
2) Why might the bitrate be so low? And does that suggest a VHS recording in the lineage?
3) Can I upload this to TTD once converted to a DVD video format, or has it been potentially modified too much at this point?

Thanks again...
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