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dvd convertors and media id tools

I was using nero and did not like the way my disc were coming out - so today after some searching and so on I found these few good sites & freeware I would like to share. If there is already info on this I apologize ahead of time.

conversion for my dvd formats
1. -

nice tool along with this one
2. -

after using these my dvds are much better, not waisting dvds. also had something to do with my Denon player and Nero not working so good with pal, so I just converted everything to NTSC first and burned with DVD_flick.

As for my DVD's themselves I found this tool - freeware - it tells you what type of media you have among other things

i can now tell what media I really have - as compared to this chart- - very informative

It seems that Memorex - at least mine is a Rytek grade3 DVD and my Sony is actually a Yuden made DVD. so that thread on what to buy was good, but you can check your stuff out using these tools. You already have a Yuden dvd by not spending the money. Not sure how true that will work out. Anyway this should - IMHO -practically guarantee a good burn.

P.S. - I know these are a lot of places to check out, but if you have multiple tabs it shouldn't be a problem, and well worth it.

the following is a post where I found it- hats off to lightning uk- author of imgburn for info. -

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

Which DVD-R media should I buy?

Well it's kinda hard to give you a straight answer to this question. Some drives just work better with some media than others.

It's often difficult to actually find the media you're after. This is because a 'brand' name can often use discs from various manufacturers.
Therefore it's important when buying discs that you look at what's known as the 'Media ID' and not who puts their name on the label.

Look at the following link:

(Then select 'Blank DVDs' from the menu on the left)

You can see lots of 'brands' being sold (Datasafe, Verbatim, Datawrite, Bulkpaq etc) but if you look at what they have down for the ADVDINFO text, many have the same 'Media ID'.

Common ones are:


Personally I'd steer clear of everything except MCC, TY and YUDEN for single layer discs. For double layer, you want to be buying discs using the MKM dye - normally branded by Verbatim.
TY and YUDEN are both from the same people (Taiyo Yuden). The TY discs are - (minus) format, the YUDEN ones are + (plus) format.
I wouldn't say they're any (much?) more expensive, but they're decent quality and unlike many other makes, you can trust them to be 'readable' in the future! lol

The Media ID of your discs can be seen in the information panel on the right within ImgBurn and you have the blank media in your DVD Writer. It'll either show under 'Media ID', 'Disc ID' or 'Manufacturer ID'.

Incase you'd like to learn more about good and bad discs, here's a link to someone elses site:
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