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DVD Authoring - Acceptable Methods


I am looking to author a DVD, and have permission from the filmer of the source, who authored his own DVD, however he admits he didnt spend a lot of time with it, so there are no set chapter points (ie just at 15 min intervals, rather than at track points) etc, so i asked if i could author a version myself

Now is it acceptable to use his authored DVD as the source and trade it ? or would i need to get hold of a copy of the master ?

Personally, i dont feel there will be a problem using the authored DVD, however i dont know if this infringes any "rules", or if there is a quality degredation, since some people are particularly fussy, i might as well make as good a job of it as i can.

Any recommendations for DVD authoring ? It seems menus are the main problem, as i have tried Pegasys TMPG DVD Author etc, and they have a poor choice of options in the menu stakes, whereas some DVDs ive traded have great menus... what do people tend to use ?

Thanks for any help or light you can shed
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