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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

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yada yada yada.

I gotta say this, dont bite the hand that feeds you. Tapers are what provide not just TTD but the entire trading and downloading community the material that we have. Be on the side of them. I dont care whether you are a Mod or a downloader, have some respect for those who bust their asses and deserve more respect than they are getting
especially from the people who have posted in this thread.
My friend, you are pissing in the wind -- should you continue this 'arguement'; does the term "taper-unfriendly" mean anything to you?

Not only are some bands "taper-unfriendly" but many sites like this one can be incredibly "taper unfriendly", thanks to the SOME people chosen to moderate, and their style of moderating.

Biting the hand that feeds you? The hallmark of this hobby since Bram Cohen crawled out of his closet is just that, chomping hard on the hand is more like it.

I understand both sides of the debate, and I can see that both sides wouldn't know the term "courtesy" if it was tattooed on their frigging foreheads.

Could the torrent have been taken down?

Sure, and done quietly, with a pm to the seeder about courtesy,
nobody would have had this wonderful debate to take sides on....

Could FM99 have just said to himself, screw it, live and learn

sure he could, and known what NOT to do in the future

And I'm not saying that any of the TTD mods responding in this thread are doing anything less than their "sworn duty"....

Not a one of 'em has done anything less than what was expected of 'em....

Could be they discussed the subject in private, so they could all be on the same page? You bet'chum, Red Ryder. And they've done a great job of trying to explain the site's viewpoint, whether it was stridently, or with an eye to smoothing over ANY ruffled feathers.

Realize that ol' FM99 had lost the arguement long before he began it. In fact, his arguement isn't with TTD or the staff, his problem is with the person he gave it to, whether that be Carina or someone else.

FM99's best bet would be to beat the living crap out of whomever disrespected his wishes, bust a kneecap or two and permanently disable the cocksucker.... although that might open a new can of worms. probably dealing with laws and lawyers and jail time, but I'll bet ya, after that nobody would disrespect his wishes... and if made public, especially all over the internet, it might even make one or two assclown think twice.

Unless ol' FM99 has figured it out and gives nothing away ever again. Which is his perrogative.

I think we'd all find that funny, no matter which side of this debate we favor.
To hear of some taper beating the living fuck out of someone who asked for it by disrespecting his wishes, no matter who owns the music copyrights, yeah, we'd all laugh at that.


Truthfully, the best way not to have a clandestine recording circulate in any way is to not let ANY copies out.

There are ways to curb circulation, but most "modern" collectors don't give a rat's ass about anything except their own greed, many of 'em download stuff they'll never listen to, just because they can. Some of 'em have more music downloaded then they'll ever be able to listen to in their lives and still wanna suck down more.....

You have been given some absolutely great advice (rspencer) and some self-serving advice in this thread by people who wouldn't deign to ever do any recording.

Time to let go, my friend, because you ain't gonna win. You are pissing in the wind, trying to convince someone with entitlement issues about biting the hand.

There are things you can do that will make you feel better about the numerous greed-heads out there, sabotaging a recording before putting it in circulation, but in the long run it isn't gonna matter...

There are dozens of idiots who live for those sort of recordings because then they get to REMASTER and slap their names on 'em.

Also, never forget that there are ten times that many idiots who enjoy lying about lineage anyway.

The hobby is fueled by entitlement and that ain't gonna change no more, no more no more, so Hit The Road Jack, Your recording belongs to them now.

ENTITLEMENT.... go back and read some of the replies you got, and see if that isn't what the motivation is.

ENTITLEMENT.....sometimes known as biting the hand that feeds you........

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I don't think I troll anyone, other than freezer.

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You wall-eyed apple-knocking pig-fuckers! You don't know shit!

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