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Re: sorry! another noob DVD question......

Isn't Roxio creator just a burning program??? You need a non linear editing program like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, etc... Those are expensive but something like that. If Roxio is one, you will have to convert the .vob files to a format that it can import. This is probably mpeg. do some searches on here about demux, demultiplexing. This is breaking a vob into it's elementary streams of mpeg and ac3, or whatever audio format is was made with. You will then import those files into your editor where you will cut them into pieces and reorganize them however you want. You will delete their audio track and imput the new one. Then you render those files back into mpeg2 which you will use with a DVD authoring program such as Sony DVD Architect, DVD Lab, etc. to make the DVD.

This is a pretty involved task. It's going to take a while to learn all about what you will need to do. Good luck.
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