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Re: Really Dumb Flac Fingerprint Questions...

Originally Posted by velvetsailor
Is it preferrable / permissable to include both whole-file md5s and flac fingerprints?
yes, you can include both, but more preferrable than an md5 would be an .st5 [shntool md5]
Originally Posted by velvetsailor
And are the flac fingerprints required to be amongst the uploaded files themselves, or just in the post?
yes, the .ffp should be included in the set of files, as well as in the post
Originally Posted by velvetsailor
And, um... after reading a number of pages about all this, I still seem to be missing the how-to of flac fingerprints. If I open FLAC Frontend, select my flac files, and click "fingerprint", then it's going to create a file that contains the information that is required to be posted with the torrent and can be copied and pasted into the upload form? Or is it more complicated than that?
here is a tutorial on Five says in the tutorial, we recommend the program Traders Little Helper, since it'll do just about everything you need when it comes to trading lossless:
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