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Re: Another Uploading Question (Way Too Low)

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
One the the best things you can do to get around the 'traffic shaping' is to not use the standard bittorrent ports of 6881-6889. Try using something between 50000-54000. Make sure that you enter that in Azureus (options > Connection) and that you forward the port throught your router/modem and any firewall you may use.

The other thing you can do is use encrytion - options > connection > transport encrytion . Check the box for Require encrytion and see how that goes (and play with the check boxes there if you still aren't getting better speeds - sorry, I don't use encryption, so I'm not sure which options are the best, so that's why I said play with them.)

I know that those are things you can do on Mac Azureus. (Do you have a link to the suggestions? I can probably find the options if I know what you are looking for. I'm on a mac and use Azureus.)

Thanks alot for your help.

I figured out what the problem is and it isn't really a question of settings
or a problem with my ISP. It seems that the upload speeds I get are
dependent upon how large (how many peers are involved) the torrent
is and how quickly I jump in. I recently jumped into a torrent early and
before I had complete the download I was uploading at about 75K!

So again, thanks for your patience and helping me through the problem.
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