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Re: Another Uploading Question (Way Too Low)

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Are you trying to seed shows that have a lot of peers (leechers) who want the show? And, how many shows are you trying to seed at once. Also, have you ever done a speed test to see what your max upload/download is supposed to be?

I've just checked my speed again with my ISP and it's large enough
to have sufficient upload capacity. Here is the result:

1075.8 / 74.1 KB/sec

I checked through Azureus's FAQ again and it appears that my ISP is on
their "bad ISP" list. In fact, it's second from the top for all of North
America In the FAQ they suggest that my ISP might be engaging in
"traffic shaping." They suggest some alterations to the programs
preferences, but the main changes don't seem to be available on the
Mac version.

Also, I tried capping my upload speed severely, first at 100 and then at
50 -- neither change had any effect. Heck, I even took the upload cap
off and set it for "infinite" and still no difference.

Also, in regards to your prior post -- I'm only downloading one torrent at a
time or seeding one at a time.

Hopefully you can shed some light on this. I'd hate to be branded a leech
a week into discoverying this site!

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