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Another Uploading Question (Way Too Low)

I'm a newbie when it comes to P2P networks.
After reading a number of reviews of bittorent
clients I decided to use Azureus. For the most
part it has worked quite well -- I was able to
overcome a NAT problem and now everything is
all green dots and smilies. Depending on the
torrent and the site I can hit download speeds of
just under 450.

I have one problem however, my upload speeds
are generally very low. Sometimes much lower
(only 10% of) the swarm average when downloading
a torrent. I've read through all the relevant FAQ's
provided by Azureus but I can't seem to figure it
out. Even when I'm done downloading a torrent
and I'm only seeding my upload rate is very low
(I have my upload cap set at 40kB/s and I never
come close, uploading maybe 5kB/s or so.)

How can a fix this problem? I want to maintain a
"1" ration on the sites I use.

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