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Thumbs down Re: Great Trader: Tripkore

Originally Posted by Sean View Post
this fucking bastard still hasnt came through yet what an asshole to anyone out there who sets up a trade and he haves you send first dont do it have him send first he's obviously a bad trader dont get caught in his trap like i did you'll regret it and it will be waste of money and time he ignores all my e-mails after he told me he got his ten dvds for out trade i sent out on the 13 of nov 2009 also very rude e-mails never experinced this with any trader i dealt with be carefull! SO TRIPWHORE IF YOU SEE THIS JUST SEND ME MY GOD DAMN 10 DVDS YOU OWE ME JESUS CHRIST!
I'm agree with some people Tripkore Rip me off 1 times and i will still never forget that i never understand why he's doing a thing like and IF i'm not the only one who has ripped off by this guy... this guy is seriouly a bad trader! he's reputation will be not se good as its seem... otherwize if tripkore take the chance to ship DVD to all the people who he has ripped it off he will get his good reputation!!! understand? i hope.... i have a GOOD reputation I NEVER RIP OFF ANYBODY I,m working a lot i still ship dvd to a lot of people! and its not a question about be BUSY if you cannot have the time for trading stop trading.... that my opinion.... getting a good reputation is REALLY important with people if you try ripping off people its bad.... really bad and i understand people who has ripped it off by the guy but i cannot understand by he's always busy... if he make trading again
sorry but really unfair to me
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