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I would like to publicly thank Tripkore for blaming me on his website for the reason he quit trading.All the nice comments like "douchebag" and "fucktard" were quite funny as well.All i wanted was my discs.I made a deal with you back in March.I do admit i was slow at the start but i did come through and mailed your 10 selections.Yes, i did email you quite a few times inquiring about my shows.I don't have a personal problem with you at all.But when you do a "trade"...that means both parties agree to a # of discs and get it done.Here it is a month and a half later and i don't have anything.
I do check up on my trades via email,not P.M.'s or the other traders websites and so forth.A simple explanation would have been fine.Not a bunch of hateful,harsh ass comments.I also understand that you can be busy at times.I work swing shifts and still get my trades out in less than a week.I hope this can be resolved.But quitting trading due to something like this is damn ridiculous.
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