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Re: VHS to DVD Help Needed

The video quality isn't horrible. Sure, it's not HD quality, it's not even a pro VCR. But compared to some of the handycam grabs I've gotten, or the 1960's stuff that is not great video quality, this is certainly better.

I guess the question is if it exists in other formats by anyone else. I've looked for years for someone else to rip it, but I've never seen anyone do it. Yes it was likely recorded on SLP...

I played it on my home theater system (RX-V2700 receiver, 60" Sony, 5.1 setup of Paradigm speakers) and it was by far good enough to be enjoyable. It was nice to see Shannon Hoon in all his glory.

So is it good quality? Absolutely. Is it perfect? No, not for 15 years ago. But hey, at least a copy is in existence. :-)
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