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Re: VHS to DVD Help Needed

I think that there were either 47 or 49 acts that performed....not including "special appearances" within those acts. That means that this project will result in at least as many separate DVD's. I know that you can cram the show into far fewer discs, but to do it right......

Also, I would think that the recaps would be of less importance than the actual performances. At least, to most people. I could see a disc of just recaps being very interesting.

I must assume that this was recorded at the slowest SLP or EP setting on the VHS deck to allow 3 days of 24hour recording to fit on just 11 tapes. If it were recorded on a Hi-Fi deck, the audio should still be fantastic because, if memory serves, most satellite broadcasts of that era were lossless broadcasts. The video on the other hand would be of questionable quality. I am not exactly sure how EP measures out in horizontal resolution(may have still been around 240 lines for all I know), but I do know that the picture suffered a great deal more than the sound.

Sounds interesting, wish I could help. I remember, i think, MTV showing the event (or parts of it)a few weeks after it had happened. I had a HiFi VCR by then...... wish I had taped them myself.
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