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Re: VHS to DVD Help Needed

I don't have the gear. That's for sure. The RDR-GX7 is the best I have.
If anyone would like to help with this project, please let me know.
Of course, I would like to say I've met AAR.oner, so if you're not a member in good standing here, and he doesn't know you, then I won't send you the tapes. So please no one just offer up "I'll do it for you" and expect I'll send the tapes along... I admit I don't know the histories of lots of people here, but I figure hey, if he can vouch for you, let's get on this project.

I think maybe this project, if some stuff can't be released... I'd like to get the whole thing on DVD for myself at least.. then break it out to share? Not sure, but I sure don't want to lose some stuff because it's released already.
Maybe I need to pay a pro to do this? That may get expensive... hmmmm
Anyone got some spare time?
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