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Re: VHS to DVD Help Needed

what xjsb125 said^^

1. re: lineages -- we prefer you list as much detailed info as possible, however for something this old it's understandable that you wouldn't remember the VCR make/ as xjsb125 mentioned, you could list the source as "PPV > VHS(1)" or "TV Broadcast > unknown VCR > VHS(1)"

2. i personally am not a fan of standalone DVD recorders [for numerous reasons i can go into it later if yer interested in knowing why]...but suffice to say, it's pretty much always preferable to use a professional VHS deck and A/D converter for capturing into a computer & editing/color correction/etc

considering you probly don't have a pro VHS deck, A/D converter, editing software, etc -- i'd recommend finding someone who has the means and knowlege to do the transferring/authoring for you...however, 3 days at 24hrs a day is a LOT of tapes! i know would love to help on this one, but personally couldn't undertake a project like that for quite a while...but a few people could probly split it up & knock it out in a decent amount of time...the key would be to find folks who *really have the gear/knowlege to do this one proper*

but if yer interested in acquiring the gear to do it yerself, let me know and i can help with info on decks, A/D converters, etc
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