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Re: VHS to DVD Help Needed

Well, the standard here is anything before 2005 isn't required to have an exact lineage. However, you can list it simply as PPV> VHS (1st gen). Do not copy it to DVD first, then edit it again. You'll be double compressing the video and deteriorating the quality. If your camcorder can transfer via firewire and work as a digital pass through, that would be the best. If you can't do it that way, I would suggest looking into an analog to digital converter. Canopus' ADVC 55, 100, and 110 are all pretty reliable boxes and do a good job copying. Then you can capture it via firewire with whatever program you use to edit, most of the time, such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. This will capture it as an .avi file, and thus you'll avoid the double mpeg2 compression. Also make sure that you adjust the tracking on your VCR when you are copying, don't settle for the auto tracking. The other thing to remember is that some of the material from Woodstock 94 has been released by some official means, and will have to be omitted if you plan on releasing it here or somewhere else like DIME. If you don't plan on releasing it, and are just copying it for yourself, then that won't matter. Good luck, sounds like an awesome project!
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