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VHS to DVD Help Needed

Ok here's the scenario..
I have 11 video tapes, the entire pay per view Woodstock 1994 event. I want to rip them to DVD so I can share them. This is 24 hours a day of taping for 3 days. So I have to shows + the recaps + everything. My brother had a 3 week old dog at the time he was hand feeding, so he was up constantly, and never missed a tape change.

I don't know the original VCR it was taped on at this time, it's 15 years ago. But the tapes haven't been played since. I just looked at them and they look great. I'd like to rip them all.
I have a Sony RDR-GX7, that I have done some VHS to DVD conversion on but I'm just not sure it's the best way. I can do that and then take the DVD into a pc, edit it and get it back out to a DVD with menus, etc.... is that the best way? Is there a better way?
Is it going to be pointless since I don't know the original VHS model I taped on, since lineage is so important to folks? It's basically going to be Generation 1 tape on VHS, direct from pay per view.... and then ripping it however I need to.

Help me start and complete this project.
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