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Re: KVCD Help

You dont....a KVCD is an out of standard VCD.
You burn it on to CD.

You can burn it on to DvD IF the resolution of the mpg that makes up the KVCD is 352 x XXX.This sometimes is not the case & why the KVCD title.
The 352 must be there for DvD burning software and standalones to recognize it.Only then will it play as a DvD.

Whats the point though??.....It was made that way to put on a CD & your DvD player will read it the same*.
Just burn as an img file to CD if its in ISO format or burn as a data file if the extention is mpg.
Trust will fit onto a CD

* 95% of newer players,80% of older.


PS: Enjoy the movie
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