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Originally Posted by Tubular
And they aren't doing this to all Comcast users. Just users in areas where their bandwidth is maxxed out I would guess.
Comcast is a conglomerate, not a "big central server"; it's being steadily implemented throughout all of their affiliates. The US upper-Midwest got sandbagged five days ago, which was months after the east coast; my seeding productivity dropped about 90%. If you're Comcast, you'll eventually be sandbagged.
At the very least uTorrent 1.7 messes with your stats, lots of people have reported that it has. Another guy wrote that he couldn't initially seed properly with a torrent file created with uTorrent 1.7 (the upload would start and stop). Why is uTorrent closed source?
So it can't be hacked like Azureus gets hacked. These questions get answered every day in the uTorrent forums.
Are there any other closed source BT clients?
BitComet? Google awaits....
It may be "bullshit" that uTorrent spies on you....
What's bullshit is that many will claim that but nobody will submit wireshark data proving it.
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