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I don't see posting dates here, so I don't know how long ago Tubular wrote this, but....
Originally Posted by Tubular
You need to use a client with encryption, like Bittornado 3.18 or Azureus.
All known encryption schemes (as of Sept 1 07) are cracked by currently implementations of Comcast sandvine. This includes Azureus R4, Bittornado and uTorrent. If you're uploading, you *will* be disconnected if you're a Comcast subscriber.
I would steer clear of the new version of uTorrent (1.7) though. Certain trackers have banned it...
Certain private trackers who livid in underground bunkers where the coffee tables have the magazines your dentist through out twenty years ago.
...because it reports all your BT activity to the RIAA and MPAA automatically.
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