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Re: DVD Problems....

Originally Posted by Five
try copying it without using dvdshink/decryptor.

generate md5 checksums for everything in the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD using md5summer (or TLH or similar prog).

open the DVD as tho its a normal data disc on your computer, drag and drop the VIDEO_TS folder onto yer desktop.

now use the .md5 you created from the DVD to check whether the files you've copied are identical.

then see if the copied files play properly all the way thru

hope this helps

post back and let us know how it goes

I tried coping the video_ts folder to my hd before but I can't, it gets an error reading the disc when it's copying so that won't work. thx for the help though. I've looked a lot of places for the shows but I can't find anyone that has them, not many ppl like kid rock so they're not as "readly" available as other more popular or liked artists.
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