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DVD Problems....

I got some dvds from a guy on ebay a long time ago. When I got em they worked perfectly fine. I didn't do anythign with them for a few months and now when I go to copy the dvd with dvd shrink or dvd decrypter I get an error part way through copying it to my hard drive. When I play the dvd it will play, until it gets to the part it is "messed up" at and then start to glich. Sometimes I can go forward a little bit and it will be fine but most of teh time I can't and my player just locks up. To go onward to my question, I was wondering what's the big deal with these dvds, they worked fine and now all the sudden they're messed up? Is there anyway I can fix these with a program or soemthing? I don't know what type of media the discs are because they have labels on them, but even then I don't see how the disc could become messed up when it worked perfectly fine months ago. I've tryed searching for the guys list online and through ebay but I can't find him and would really like to get these dvds fixed up if that's at all possible. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing any bit of help I can get from everyone. - Scott
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