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Generation Question - Master or 1st Gen?

What makes a bootleg a Master? Does Master apply only to shows filmed using tapes? Or it can apply to shows filmed on a hard drive or a memory card?


AUD > Recording Device (Digital - Hard Drive) > USB > WAV > Audio Editing Software > FLAC

Would that be considered a 1st Gen? Since the MASTER was transfered to PC and then edited (cleaned up) in an audio editing program and then converted to FLAC. Is MASTER meaning that the original file is intact and only the taper has the master version. If he makes a copy of the master, it is a master clone? Am I right?


AUD > Camera > SD Card > SD Card Reader > RAW Files > Video Editing Program > DVD Authoring Program > DVD

^^ This would be a 1st Gen too right since it was trasnferred from SD card to PC and then changed its RAW format to DVD format?

So can Digital Camera files, files recorded in WMV/MP3 format also be considered MASTERs? Whats the difference between Master/1st Gen/Master Clone? And my examples listed above Master or 1st Gen?

thanks, just want some info before I put up some shows