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another newb. firewall question

hi-i have a few questions and i hope somebody can help:

up until a few days ago, i was downloading torrents w/ azureus (v3.0.1.2), but now i'm apparently firewalled and my share ratio has tanked.

first, i'm running OSX tiger on a G4 imac

my firewall is off and my TCP port # in my pref. panel is set the same as in Azureus (#49157) a NAT test timed out after 20 secs. "port is probably closed"
a visit to could not find service on this port or others i've tried.

my question: before i forward my ports etc., is there something else locally i 'm missing? someone responded to a similar question in this forum with the suggestion of re-booting the router. also, i've learned my ISP, COX, limits its' service for bandwidth hogs. could this be the problem?

incidentally, the situation is the same on my laptop, which runs the same config.

any helpful opinions would be welcome and let me know if there's more info you need-i hope i've provided enough. thanks for your time!
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