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Re: TTD Staff: Why don't you follow your own rules?

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
I sent a couple shows as CDR to a Yahoo group for a certain artist. They were available as torrents, but nobody there could seem to grasp the BT thing. So no biggie, I gave them a couple copies to make copies from & get it to all the members. All I asked was that they not start passing it around as mp3.

2 weeks later, one of the members posts a rapidshare link to the mp3s he had made. I politely pointed out that I had publicly asked that they not do that. I didn't ask that they be taken down, didn't ask that they not d/l them, etc. Done is done.

But I did suggest that they start learning bittorrrent, because I wasn't sending the other show that I'd recorded.

No point racing to close the door once the horse is out. Maybe FM99 traded it to someone, who traded again,'ll get out. Would it be nice if everyone complied with his request? Of course. But you can't get common courtesy with a large percentage of the people you see face-to-face each day, so I wouldn't expect it with people on the internet.
You said that you dont think I dont understand the issue.
I dont think you do.
Downloading a cdr isnt comaprable to someone busting their ass to video tape a show.