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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

well, ill tell you one thing that really sucks! I have Comcast, and its a nightmare.. but changing companies where i am located is not an option. I can download things at up to 500-600kbs an i have seen it go faster than that if the pool is huge.... but on uploading, i can only move things out at 50kbs and no more. i noticed this when i brought my laptop to other friends houses that live in the city and found i could upload at other locations as fast as 220kbps. ALSO.. it seems that after so many MBs of uploading somewhere around 600MB, the connection drops and the modem has to be reset. This is especially frustrating at night because if the connection is cut and i dont find out until morning, then i lose the whole night of uploading. i have many things downloaded here from TTD that i keep on my disc and check for leechers regularly. (I think the Baltimore Jack 72/73 Zeppelin is at 16.47GB uploaded, so things like that keep my ratio rising. Its hard because when you first join a site, youre getting everything usually LONG after everyone else has already picked it up, so it can be tricky to get a ratio high if you get carried away in the beginning. Recently i seeded a show on Dime and in the same time it took me to upload the entire 700MB show, i watched the stats on 8 people leeching it and they had completed 5GB in uploads on the same file before they had even finished downloading it from me.. Go Figure! Seeding an original torrent especially here can also be rough because the requirements for alot of things i have do not fall favorable unless they are from actual silvers or clean lineage.... and almost all the cleanest stuff i have has come from here anyways, so everyone has everything .. haha. the best i can do is keep things around a long time if they are popular and let them do their thing over time. I am however in favor of the 50% or 75% ratio check every 100GB because that should at least keep people honest and show an attempt in effort! If you're a pure leach then thats lame, because there is no reason why you have to delete something from your HD as soon as it is completed. I guess my point here is i can see where for some (like me) having a super high ratio is not a possibility because of my connection speed here at home, but a lack of effort cannot go unnoticed i would think!
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