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Video - Audience Re: 16:9 Widescreen Conversion

I have a DVD that was shot as widescreen, but was mistakenly encoded as 4:3.
It's Heaven & Hell Vancouver. Got it off Dime. As you might know, Ronnie James Dio is a short little troll of a guy. In this video he looks seven feet tall!
I tried to use Ifoedit to change to widescreen, and it worked to playback from the HDD and as a DVD burn when played back on my computer, but it's still 4:3 on my cheezy home DVD player (Panasonic VHS/DVD combo) on old school tv...

The menus are properly formatted for 4:3, so I'd want to leave them alone, but change the main video content to 16:9, to make the band normal height, instead of the 8 foot giants they look now with the 16:9 vertical stretch going on.

Can anyone help me out with the ways to properly make this into widescreen?
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