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Re: DVD Ripping/Editing/Burning tutorial - NEWBIES READ!

I understand what you're saying but I just find DVDs more convenient. I don't know much about the relative quality of formats but then again some of the stuff I'm burning is not great quality anyway - I just downloaded the complete Patrick Troughton Doctor Who and a lot of it is reconstructed because it doesn't exist any more. The download is in avi format so I'm converting it for convenience more than anything else. Also, given that DVDs are a similar cost to CDs I can't see much point converting to VCD (actually I think I get DVDs cheaper as I get the Japanese made CDs for just over an Aussie dollar as I want them with a jewel case and the DVDs are just under an Aussie dollar, although the CDs may well take more as the format is smaller).

On the DVD authoring I am having a look at DVD Architect at the moment although it does seem a bit expensive, it does seem very good. I'll try a few out before I buy.

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